Society and Culture Aims and Objectives - Essay ExampleThis could be said to be the capacity of the human beings to affect choices between alternatives, and to exercise and to impose those choices on society. It is normally contrasted to common forces, which are causes involving only spontaneous processes. Human agencies envisages the apparent claims that humans do, in fact, make decisions and endorse them on How humans come to make decisions, by free choice or other processes, is another issue.(Agency(Philosophy) 2008).Individualized human behaviour is a complex and intricate process of the human mind and behaviour, although aspects of group behaviours patterns could be predicted with reasonable degree of certainly and accuracy. The mental buildup and behaviourism of criminal thoughts and actions could offer analysis on its workings. It has earlier been explained that structure deals with the grouping, or collective mass of homogenous or, even heterogeneous matters to form a social structure or arrangement.

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